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Choosing an Educational Travel Company? Don’t Miss These Key Inclusions

January 10, 2024 Sarah Bichsel 1 Comment

There’s that old expression of “missing the forest for the trees” that can be quite useful when thinking about selecting a travel provider.

Sometimes, focusing on one detail can make it hard to see the bigger picture. Sometimes, a lower price tag has higher costs along the way.

ACIS provides the full picture up front, so you don’t miss out on important aspects such as customized planning options and reduced commutes to the hotel.

Read on to learn what makes an ACIS Tours experience unique through The ACIS Difference.

Centrally Located Hotels

When you travel with ACIS, you will be placed in hotels right in the city center. Other companies save money by putting groups outside city limits, so you’ll spend significantly more time on the bus. Plus, when you stay in a central hotel with ACIS, at night you get to experience the city around you rather than trekking back to the hotel.

Check out our map to discover sample hotels.

Customized Planning Options

One size does not fit all in the ACIS mindset! We work with group leaders individually to make the trip match their personalized classroom goals. That could meaning adding a destination, swapping out an activity, or building the entire trip from scratch. We want you to have the trip you want, so the opportunities for customization are endless.

Trip Types

Did you know? We also offer a variety of trip categories to accommodate different budgets. Varying in the number of activities included, all of our Insider, Classic, Explorer and Custom itineraries have the benefits of an ACIS Tour, such as our centrally located hotels and premier customer service.

Dependable Customer Service

Time and time again, group leaders have cited our 24/7 support network as a big reason they love traveling with us. From the initial planning stages all the way through the departure and return, we are providing you with the support you need to make your trip a success.

We know it’s hard to think about something going wrong on tour, but when it does happen, you can rest assured ACIS will be working to resolve the issue. You won’t see ACIS in the news stories about stranded student groups because your immediate safety is our top priority.

Check out Trust Pilot for more customer reviews and compare ours with other travel providers.

Top Notch Tour Managers

Tour Managers are the beating heart of an ACIS adventure. With you from the time you land to the time you take off again, an ACIS Tour Manager serves as a guide, itinerary manager, and problem solver all in one. They are going to be a consistent friendly face throughout your entire tour and an immediate connection to ACIS Staff in case any problems arise.

Immersive Experiences

At the heart of our mission is connecting students to the places they visit meaningfully. We know that doesn’t happen just by seeing sites out of a tour bus window: That’s why all tours include immersive cultural activities, such as dance lessons, open air painting, traditional cooking demos, artisan crafting and more.

Don’t miss out on these difference makers just by looking at the price tag! See how we compare to other companies with a free checklist.

Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

One thought on “Choosing an Educational Travel Company? Don’t Miss These Key Inclusions

  1. Having everything included is a godsend. I am currently traveling with another company and breaking out “excursions” fractures groups in sometimes distasteful ways. On my upcoming trip, it looks like a chaperone will have to forgo one of the best activities of the trip. Don’t sleep on this benefit.

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