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French Language Resources: 5 Websites with Student Friendly Examples of French Culture

June 15, 2017 Allison Swider No Comments

As a language teacher, you want to see your students do more than simply recite French greetings or memorize vocabulary for a test. Fortunately, the internet is full of valuable hidden resources that offer hundreds of ways to engage students in the classroom, prepare them for exams, and give them valuable tools to practice using the target language. It allows students to engage on a platform where they are already familiar while being able to experience a free, virtual peek into the French culture and language. From worksheets, to lesson plans, to games, to memory tools, these French learning sites are sure to leave your students saying Allons-Y!

1. French Resources

french language resources: french resources

French resources is an innovative teaching method that brings together the accessibility of computers with reading, writing and speaking lessons that are meant to prepare students for common language examinations. It allows students to work on learning objectives at their own pace and submit the results straight to their teacher. And the best part, their results can be graded and sent right to you!

2. Bescherelle

french language resources: bescherelle

We all know the number one nuisance of learning another language, verb conjugation. Knowing how to conjugate a verb correctly is crucial to be able to speak the language accurately. Bescherelle is a reliable way that you can be sure your students are getting the best instruction on correct conjugation through helpful tips and practice quizzes.

3. 1 Jour 1 Actu

french language resources: 1 jour 1 actu

This website houses a great online newspaper resource for students filled with videos, news articles, and pop culture stories. From elections to sports, kids can learn all about relevant, appropriate current events while simultaneously practicing their French reading and vocabulary knowledge. Even an assignment to read one article a night can enhance students’ knowledge of worldly topics coupled with a French lesson!

4. French Games

french language resources: french games

French Games is one of the most fun, educational French learning sites for students that will feel more like fun than learning! From beginners to advanced, there are games like hangman and spelling quizzes that range a wide variety of categories. Although this may not be something you assign your students, it is a great way for them to use their love of internet games and turn them into an educational activity!

5. Merlot II

french language resources: merlot II

One of the hardest aspects of a new language to learn and to teach is the speaking and listening sources. For many, it is easy to read and write, but if you ever actually went to France you might find yourself a little lost. Merlot has plenty of high-quality listening selections for high school to graduate school levels that are great practice for listening proficiency exams as well as comprehending the speed and vocabulary of authentic French speakers.


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