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Author: Peter Jones posts

Author: Peter Jones posts

A French Lesson in Italy

My niece lives in Rome and has been there since 2001.  Due to Covid-19, she has been locked down since the end of February and...
May 22, 2020 Peter Jones

And I Found Myself in Venice

Today my thoughts took me back to Venice. I had never been to Venice during Carnevale di Venezia, but earlier this year, before the days...
April 21, 2020 Peter Jones

And I Found Myself in London and Rome

In my Facebook and Instagram world, I find myself traveling to all of my familiar haunts and daring to step into places that I am...
April 14, 2020 Peter Jones

A Message from ACIS President Peter Jones

What strange times these are.  Each day becomes a little more surreal as we move through uncharted territory.  As a traveler, and someone who has...
March 20, 2020 Peter Jones

Peter Jones: On That Day in Paris

Early in the day on Monday, April 15th, I had been visiting groups and snapping pictures around Notre Dame.  It was a lovely day and the cathedral was as...
April 22, 2019 Peter Jones

Peter Jones Reflects On Brexit Developments

It’s official.  England is almost certainly about to exit the European Union.  After a referendum and two torturous years of negotiation and renegotiation, the countdown...
March 22, 2019 Peter Jones

In Memoriam – Sir Cyril Taylor (1935-2018)

Earlier this week Sir Cyril Taylor, the founder of ACIS’ parent company, the American Institute For Foreign Study, passed away peacefully at his home in...
February 2, 2018 Peter Jones
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