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ACIS Cultural Connections: France

October 24, 2019 Lucy Palmer No Comments

Anyone who has been on an ACIS tour will tell you that the standout moments are most often born from Cultural Connections, the immersive activities that, well, better connect you to the culture! Our France trips are especially rich and varied in Cultural Connections, with seventeen different opportunities for experiential learning. From traveler favorites such as biking through the gardens of Versailles to hidden gems like the truffle hunt and tasting with French hunting dogs, there’s an activity for everyone to fall in love with.

Here’s what teachers and students are saying about just some of the ACIS Cultural Connection experiences from their 2019 school trips to France.

Be sure to check out our new destination video for France for more insights!

Pétanque Lesson (in Paris or Nice)

A classic French boules sport taught to you by professionals.

“We loved this activity!  The kids had so much fun and we liked that the instructors spoke in French.  This activity was such a great addition to our tour.  Many said afterward it was one of their favorite activities.” -Amy P., Group Leader on Paris, Strasbourg and Munich

“The pétanque lesson is where our more reserved participants came out of their shells. The ladies that worked with us were patient with our competitive teens and just so kind! It was wonderful!” -Melina N., Group Leader on Cultures of the Mediterranean

French Cooking Lesson

Everyone knows the French can cook…now you can too!

“The French cooking lesson was such a unique and fun experience!” -Gillian D., Participant on Paris, Provence and the Côte d’Azur

“My students loved this so much and couldn’t stop talking about it. I think the cultural exchanges like this, while learning about culture AND meeting people, are what makes ACIS special.” -Erin O., Group Leader on Paris, Provence and the Côte d’Azur

Versailles by Bike

The best way to see all there is to see on the grounds of the royal residence.

“We loved doing Versailles by Bike. It gave everyone the chance to see so much more of the ground than we could have otherwise.  We had such a better sense of the scope of Versailles by doing this activity.  Everyone also found it to be very relaxing and a great change of pace.” -Janene P., Group Leader on Paris Lumiére

“I got to see many beautiful views in every place that I went, but the most memorable moment was the bike ride. I was able to be outside and see many landscapes while learning about them. The guide was nice, and I loved being able to bike around in nice weather.” -Xitlali M., Participant on Paris, Provence and the Côte d’Azur

Local Home Dinners (in Paris or Nice)

French cuisine and hospitality at its finest, and a chance to practice your language skills in small groups.

“One of the highlights of the trip!  Every group raved about how much fun they had while attending this experience.  So glad we had this opportunity!” -Tracy W., Group Leader on Seville, Madrid and Paris

“The local Parisian home dinner was a highlight for our students!  They fully enjoyed the conversation with Pierre and Odile and were able to better understand Parisian culture.  The meal was wonderful and the hospitality was even better.” -Scott W., Group Leader on Highlights of Paris and Barcelona

“The highlight of my trip was the local home dinner in Nice. Our hosts were incredible and created a very memorable experience both in the conversations and the meal itself.” -Alexandra P., Participant on Paris, Provence and the Côte d’Azur

“One of the many highlights of my trip was having dinner in Nice at a local home. We first enjoyed dinner and then ended the night with singing and dancing! It was a blast to say the least!” -Makenzie B., Participant on Paris, Provence and the Côte d’Azur

Home Dinner in Nice
Home dinner in Nice

French Theater Performance with Surtitles

An opportunity to absorb the art and language of France at the same time.

“Students commented on how much French they understood during the play. The surtitles helped 🙂 Wonderful cast!” -Elena S., Group Leader on Language Immersion in France

Be Cézanne Painting Lesson

Artist Paul Cézanne had some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world to work with – the French countryside right in front of your eyes!

“A really good hands on activity. One had to really observe the beauty of the countryside to paint it.  Also, it gives one a better appreciation of the skill needed to paint the masterpieces of the Louvre!”-James S., Group Leader on Le Grand Voyage

Be Cezanne Painting Lesson

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