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5 Myths About Educational Travel…Busted!

September 16, 2014 James Glavin No Comments
5 Myths About Educational Travel...BUSTED!
5 Myths About Educational Travel…BUSTED!

We understand that arranging an educational trip can seem like a daunting task. We hear the same concerns time and time again from teachers thinking about educational travel. But here’s the good news—these common misconceptions are myths that ACIS just loves to bust!

We are passionate about the power that Educational Travel has to change lives and make a real, positive difference to students’ futures. We think everyone should be able to experience that. Which is why we think challenging these misconceptions about planning an overseas trip is so important. It’s much more straightforward than you think—particularly when you’re working with the right travel company, of course!

We’ve taken five of the main anxieties that teachers have about taking the plunge into the wonderful world of Educational Travel, and are happy to tell you that these are completely unfounded. Myths, you have been busted!

We hope that this infographic has inspired you to think about planning a life-changing trip for you and your students.

If it has, check out the Browse Tours feature of our website, or click below to download our e-book for more reasons why educational travel is so transformative.


James Glavin

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