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5 Great Music Videos for Your German Class

November 29, 2017 Theresa Santorelli 2 Comments

As you may know, music helps the brain learn a new language faster. The German language might sound harsh to beginners, but these music videos will show students a softer side to the language that will make German it even more entertaining to learn. No matter which songs you choose to incorporate into class, popular songs are a fun and engaging way to build your students’ confidence and expose them to authentic materials.

1. 99 Luftballons: Nena

This is a song you with which you may already be familiar, but it can also help your students practice their listening comprehension skills. This catchy tune is actually an anti-nuclear protest song about an accidental nuclear war that starts because some helium balloons from West Germany are misconstrued as missiles by East Germany. The song could be an introduction to the history of the Cold War and Germany’s political climate, and vocabulary on war and government.

2. Wo Willst Du Hin: Xavier Naidoo

This emotional ballad is a useful tool to introduce a theme about relationships. The slow and rhythmic melody makes it easy for beginners to follow along. While this specific song is about a romantic relationship, you could use it to introduce a vocabulary section on all different kinds of relationships such as family, friends, and romantic.

3. Ich bin zu müde, um schlafen zu geh’n: Hildegard Knef

Hildegard Knef was one of Germany’s most famous singers in the sixties and seventies. While this light-hearted song about night time may be old fashioned for students, it has simple vocabulary that is easy to follow along which is perfect for students new to the language.

4. Da Da Da: Trio

This simple and catchy tune from the 80s even made its way over to the USA. The song transitions into English a few times, but its steady rhythm and repetitive vocabulary about no longer loving someone could introduce a vocabulary lesson about relationships and family.

5. Guten Morgen Sonnenschein: Nana Mouskouri

This song is for beginners who are up for a challenge. The cheerful and catchy tune has some difficult grammar, but it can help students learn about relative and dependent clauses. You can handout lyrics to your class so they can follow along, and the familiar vocabulary and frequent repetition will help students follow along.

What songs do you like to share with your students? Let us know in the comments section below!

Theresa Santorelli

2 thoughts on “5 Great Music Videos for Your German Class

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