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2021 Travel Scholarships

January 8, 2021 Susan Wiadro 12 Comments
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Student taking photos inside a church

Have you heard of ACIS’ Travel Scholarship program? For years we have awarded High School and Middle School students travel scholarships through our annual contest. This year students have more time than ever to enter the contest, as we are extending the deadline to April 30, 2021.

The theme of the 2021 travel scholarship contest is Global Citizenship. Finding your place in the world is as much about human connection as it is introspection. What does global citizenship mean to you? What responsibilities does it entail? How do you see it shaping your present and future? Are there ways one can become a better global citizen? We ask that students take this opportunity to think critically about what global citizenship means to them and demonstrate their responses creatively through their submissions.

Travel Scholarship Writing Submission

Entries for artwork, photography and writing categories are judged on creativity, originality and how the expression of the idea relates to the theme. And 10 travel scholarships of up to $1,000 are awarded. If the student traveler is joining a teacher’s ACIS’ trip, the teacher should sponsor the scholarship entry and winning teachers will also receive a scholarship. Individuals not traveling with their teacher, on a summer set-date tour, may enter the contest without a sponsor.

You can find all of our eligibility, prize and entry requirements on our Travel Scholarships page.

Good luck!

Susan Wiadro

Susan Wiadro

12 thoughts on “2021 Travel Scholarships

  1. Hi i heard there was a scholarship for this. i saw a tiktok about it. What do you do with the travel scholarship for?

    1. Hi Camryn, you can use the travel scholarship on any ACIS program. Programs for individual travelers can be found here. Good luck!

    1. To travel independently on a Summer Adventure tour, you must be 15 years old. To register, and we hope you do, click the View 2021 Tour button of the trip that most interests you for more information, and then the Register Now button to register.

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