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2017-2018 School Year French Culture Calendar

September 7, 2017 Marc Amigone 1 Comment

We hear from teachers all the time that they’re always on the lookout for culturally enriching and educational materials with which to decorate their classroom. We know French teachers’ mission is to inspire their students to fall in love with the language, so we at ACIS want to do whatever we can to help you accomplish that goal!

Click here to download the 2017-2018 French Calendar

We’ve put together a 12-month calendar comprised of inspiring photos and significant dates from across the French-Speaking world. Every month you’ll get a new burst of photo-inspiration and history to help guide your classroom discussions and pique your students’ curiosity to inspire them to explore the world beyond the classroom!

2017-2018 French Calendar

Here are some of the places from which we feature photos, historical facts, and dates:

  • Aix-En-Provence
  • Monaco
  • Versailles
  • Québec
  • Giverny
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium

Download the calendar by following the link below and hang it in your classroom to give your students some extra inspiration to explore the French-Speaking world!


2017-2018 French Cultural Calendar

FREE 2017-2018 French Calendar

12 Months of Photos and Significant Dates
From Across the French Speaking World

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Marc Amigone

One thought on “2017-2018 School Year French Culture Calendar

  1. Great idea!

    Would it be possible for ACIS to take it one step further and customize a calendar based on the trip the teacher will be leading that year? For example, I would want photos of London, Stonehenge, Normandy, and Paris. I wouldn´t want a photo of Versailles, because I am not including that in my trip. However, I would want a photo of a cooking lesson in Paris. I know this might not be feasible, but a it could be a good marketing tool for the group leader.

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