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Your ACIS Ireland Playlist Just Dropped

April 13, 2023 Christine Pearson 2 Comments

Have you ever traveled to Ireland? If not, you should know the Emerald Isle is worth the journey! Check out ACIS Ireland trip itineraries that will introduce you to Ireland’s must-sees and hidden treasures. 

Whether you are planning a trip to Ireland or have just begun thinking about visiting, get inspired by music from Irish artists across a range of genres. Take a listen to this collection of modern, traditional, and classic tunes by popular artists from Ireland—some of whom you may not even know are Irish! As you travel across the rolling green hills or walk the cobblestone streets, you will have the perfect soundtrack for your visit.

Bonus: If you are a big U2 fan, check out The Clarence Hotel in Dublin, which is owned by Bono and The Edge!

So much great music has come from Ireland, and not everything could be covered on this one list, so let us know in the comments what your personal favorite Irish songs are!

I hope you enjoyed an introduction to Irish music and want to continue embracing Irish culture by experiencing the country firsthand on an ACIS Ireland trip.

Christine Pearson

2 thoughts on “Your ACIS Ireland Playlist Just Dropped

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