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Your ACIS France Playlist Just Dropped!

May 18, 2023 Josh Goncalves No Comments

Wondering what you will be listening to while on your trip to France? Not to worry, ACIS has got you covered.

Here is a playlist of iconic French songs, both old and new, to enjoy while overseas. If you are not already registered on a trip, check out ACIS France Itineraries and start planning!

Starting off with an oldie but goodie, “La Vie en Rose” was released in 1945 and is one of the most famous French songs of all time. Artists such as Madonna and Lady Gaga have covered this song. It embodies the hearts of all French people and the atrocities they had to face during the second World War.

This is Nino Ferrer’s biggest hit and was released in 1966. He talks about his childhood in both France and the US and offers a beautiful melody that is a joy to listen to.

L’aventurier is a more upbeat song that is sure to get you going, It is the perfect summer jam. L’aventurier was released in 1982 and talks about a fictional character from the book series Bob Morane.

Nuit de folie is from the band Début de Soirée and it encapsulates the disco era in France. This song was released in 1988 and is all about the nightlife and partying in the city.

“Pour que tu m’aimes encore” was released by the French-Canadian singer Céline Dion in 1995. It is an extremely famous love ballad that was on top charts for twelve consecutive weeks after it released.

“Allumer le feu (light the fire)” set the charts on fire when it first came out in 1998. Johnny Hallyday is credited for having brought rock-and-roll to France.

“Le dîner” is a light hearted song released by Bénabar in 2005. It makes fun of the French tradition of staying at the dinner table for too long and all the excuses that come with it.

You may have heard this one already if you are a Ratatouille fan. It was released in 2007 with the movie and is a lighthearted tune about celebration, enjoying life, and food.

In 2008 the Canadian R&B artist Marc Antoine released his breakthrough single “Tant besoin de toi (so much need for you).”

“Elle me dit” was released by Mika in 2011 and was extremely popular, so much so that he went on to release another version in English titled “Emily.”

“Ego” is a more modern song from Willy William released in 2015. It has been extremely popular and as of May 2023, it has almost 1 billion views on YouTube.

Soleil is the newest song we have on this list and with good reason. Roméo Elvis is one of the most well known French Musicians at the moment, and his rap hit Soleil was released in 2019.

Now you have a playlist for your ACIS France experience! There are so many great artists and songs that I was bound to miss some, so feel free to comment and give more recommendations.

Josh Goncalves

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