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Winter Travel Review

March 3, 2022 Susan Wiadro No Comments
ACIS Travel Group at Roman Arena in Nice

Do you know what we love to do? We love to travel! And last week we got back to it in a major way. With our first big travel season now in the books, we can say with certainty that travel is as spectacular, educational, life-changing and fun as ever. Read our winter travel review.

It’s hard to know who was more excited to travel, teachers and students or our amazing tour managers who thrive on sharing their culture with our groups.

And then our ACIS student groups started to arrive!

The overall consensus was that beyond wearing masks when necessary and for some destinations showing QR codes that prove vaccination status at certain sites, traveling this February felt as normal and as wonderful as it always has. Just check out all the smiles (even if they are behind masks) you see in these photos.

ACIS President, Peter Jones, checked in on some of our groups in Rome to ensure everything was meeting or exceeding our teachers’ and students’ dreams. Happy to say, it was a success!

To return home, all US travelers need to receive a negative Covid test. We know this is causing some people anxiety. Please feel reassured that ACIS manages the process completely. And, best news of all, with our safety protocols in place, not a single traveler tested positive, so everyone was able to return just as planned.

Overall, it was an amazing week of travel. We have more groups traveling now, departing tomorrow and all throughout the spring, and we can’t wait! Be sure to follow us on instagram. Travel smiles await.

Susan Wiadro

Susan Wiadro

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