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What is an Exceptional Travel Experience Worth to You?

June 1, 2015 Jeff Hild No Comments

If a picture is worth a thousand words, where does an infographic fit on that scale?

In talking with teachers who haven’t yet traveled with ACIS, we are frequently asked to describe the differences in our educational travel programs that account for our higher prices.  It’s a perfectly fair question and one that we’re happy to answer because the differences between an ACIS program and an ordinary tour can be quite significant.  In fact, we’re more concerned in the cases where teachers don’t ask the question because those are the group leaders who are more susceptible to buy into the belief that budget travel providers can magically offer a similar experience at a much lower price tag.  That’s just not true.

To help would-be group leaders who are struggling with this cost-versus-quality question, we’ve put together a new infographic which outlines all that you’ll get for a slightly bigger investment up front.  We cover nine different aspects of life on tour which we’ve found are pretty important to most teachers who lead tours like these.

Take a look at our “How Much Would You Pay?” infographic and let us know in the comment section below what aspects of a successful educational tour are priceless in your mind.






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