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Travel Tips from the ACIS International Program Team

July 7, 2017 ACIS Blog No Comments
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Traveling for the first time can always be an overwhelming experience. There is so much to remember and keep track of all the while trying to have an experience you will never forget. The ACIS International Program team makes it their mission to make sure your trip is a success. These travel wizards spend time “out there” each year and have offered up some of their best travel advice:

Alicia – The most important travel tip I have learned, (and it works just as well when things are going perfectly as when those occasional hiccups arise), is to smile – it’s one thing everyone in the world can relate to.
Amy – Always rent bikes and leave free time to wander around and discover local shops, restaurants and quaint side streets.
Cara – The best way to get an authentic experience in a foreign country is to leave the guidebook at home for a day and wander the area talking in all its sights, smells and sounds, chat with the locals, and get off the beaten path.
Christina – My travel advice would be to take pictures, but don’t hesitate to put the camera down in the fear of missing something. Pictures are great to keep and show your family and friends and look back at years down the road, but you don’t want to just remember your trip through a lens. Travel is so much more thrilling when you dive into the culture and experience your surroundings.
Heidi – In the end, all you really need is your passport. So pack light, and enjoy your journey!
Jeannie – Roll with the punches, laugh often and take every opportunity to connect with strangers.
Jill – There’s no such thing as a wrong turn – every step is a new adventure!
Liz – My most important travel tip is to keep your sense of humor as well as your sense of adventure. Often, travel “glitches” can turn into memorable adventures if you approach them in the right way.
Lynne – Be flexible and travel with a good attitude.
Tom – Always expect the unexpected and be open to change. Sometimes the best parts of a trip come from spontaneity. Those are the random moments that you’ll look back on with a smile and can say, “Do you remember the time when…”


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