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The Perfect Time to Say Thank You | Teacher Appreciation Week

May 8, 2014 Erin Stern 2 Comments


Teacher Appreciation week is winding down and it feels a little like the last day of a great spring break vacation. You know getting back to reality is imminent, but you don’t want those good vibes to end. Can we all agree that this week should really be a daily celebration?

After all, we wouldn’t be an educational travel company without the dedication from our traveling teachers. Your commitment to showing students a world outside of their own is a remarkable gift not a tangible one but one they carry within themselves, forever. Not many people can say their life’s work changed people’s lives.

How do we even begin to show our gratitude for all you do? Simply put: We can’t.We can’t, but we’ll try. Here’s a compilation of the heartfelt words and photos that capture the essence of what you do each and every day:









To all of the teachers in our lives, thank you. We hope you had a great week in the spotlight.

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Erin Stern

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Time to Say Thank You | Teacher Appreciation Week

  1. Mr. Perry is the absolute best chap ever! He pulls off joggers like no other. But honestly he was amazing and did so many awesome things for us during the trip. He made it an unforgettable trip.

  2. Mr. Perry was the best teacher our school could ask for. From helping students reach their full potential, to coaching his track and field kids with a constant smile on his face, Mr. Perry has made a connection with every student at our school. HHS couldn’t have found a better guy to take us to such amazing places. Love you Mr. Perry!

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