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How to Prepare for Traveling in Paris Before, During & After the 2024 Paris Olympics

January 10, 2023 Sarah Bichsel No Comments

With the World Cup now in the rearview, another global sports event is on the horizon: The 2024 Paris Olympics.

While sure to be an exciting event, there will be big changes in the City of Light between July and August, as athletes, reporters, and spectators come together by the thousands. We want to make sure you have the best prep in advance and are here to support you through the planning process. Here are some key recommendations we have if you are considering travel to Paris.

Start the Conversation With Your ACIS Program Consultant

The first step in making your decision? Talking with your ACIS Program Consultant. They will have full information on how your itinerary could be affected by the 2024 Paris Olympics and can provide personalized assistance in working through your planning questions. Pricing for Paris will be affected by the Olympics, so as noted below, we have directed online visitors to contact their consultants to get an accurate estimate. Our team of expert travel planners have worked through major events such as the Olympics many times before (After all, we have been at this since 1978!) and will be well equipped to find you the best itinerary possible, with plenty of room for customizations.

Tour Pricing module from that encourages visitors to call their ACIS Program Consultant

Consider Winter or Spring Paris Travel

As you will learn from your program consultant, the best options to travel to Paris in 2024 will be in the Spring and Winter months. Consider shifting your group travel plans to March, April, or May over a Spring Break or early summer dismissal. The weather will be mild, flowers will start to bloom, and there will be significantly fewer crowds than in the height of summer.

ACIS travel to Paris in Spring 2021
Paris in April 2021

Set Expectations

If you decide a stop in Paris is a must for Summer 2024, the most important thing to do for parents and students will be to set expectations in advance. There may be longer lines, more wait times on public transit, and crowded attractions. Centrally located hotels are often booked to capacity, so there will likely be additional transit time into the city.

Explore Alternate Itineraries

If you determine Paris does not fit your needs for 2024, we have no shortage of options for travel through Europe! Consider customizing your trip with another city in France such as Nice, Chamonix, and Bourges. We also offer combination trips that travel throughout France. Via Aurelia will take you from Barcelona up through Provence and the French Riviera, ending the journey in Italy.

Discover our full list of itineraries at

No matter what you decide to do for 2024, the full ACIS team will be here to make the experience memorable for all travelers. Work with our expert planners to customize your trip and see the personalized itinerary that you’ve been dreaming of come to life.

Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

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