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Potato and Beer Soup – Recipe of the Week

August 24, 2016 Marc Amigone No Comments

This week’s recipe takes us to Germany for a hearty, delicious, Potato and Beer Soup. As German cuisine has evolved throughout the years and grown in regional identity and style, soup has grown to take on an increasingly prevalent role. Soups are served as either main or first courses with ingredients ranging from legumes and meats to thickening agents like roux (fat-flour mixture) and in this recipe’s case, potatoes. Beer soup was once served as a breakfast meal in Germany. We don’t necessarily recommend it for breakfast, but who are we to judge?

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This week’s entry was submitted by Emily Anderson from our Chicago Office. Enjoy!

Potato and Beer Soup

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Potato and Beer Soup

Yield: 4-6 servings

Total Time: 55 minutes
Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 40 minutes


4 cups chicken stock
3 large russet potatoes, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch cubes (about 4 cups)
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
8 ounces sliced smoked bacon
2 carrots, 1/2-inch dice (about 1 cup)
Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper
3 stalks celery, 1/2-inch dice (about 1 cup)
2 bay leaves
1 small bundle fresh thyme, tied together with kitchen twine
1 leek, green top trimmed,
1/2-inch dice (about 1 cup)
1 cup light German beer, such as Pilsner
1/4 cup sliced fresh chives


Combine 2 cups of the chicken stock and one-third of the potatoes in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, and then reduce to a simmer until fork-tender, 15 to 18 minutes. Stir in the mustard to combine, and then blend to a smooth puree using an immersion or regular blender.

Meanwhile, cook the bacon in a large Dutch oven or stock pot over medium heat until crispy and most of the fat has been rendered, 12 to 15 minutes, and then transfer to a paper-towel-lined plate to drain. Pour out the bacon fat, reserving 3 tablespoons in the pot.

Turn the heat up to medium-high and add the carrots. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and cook for 3 minutes, and then add the remaining potatoes, celery, bay leaves, leeks and thyme and season with salt and pepper. Cook until the leeks are soft, 4 minutes, and then pour in the beer and bring to a boil until the beer has cooked down to about 2 tablespoons, 2 to 4 minutes. Pour in the remaining chicken stock and the reserved potato puree. Stir to combine and bring the mixture to a boil. Reduce to a simmer and cook uncovered until the vegetables are just tender, 6 to 8 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

To serve, ladle the soup into bowls. Crumble the reserved bacon on top and garnish with the chives.

If you give the recipe a try, make sure to come back and leave a comment to let us know how it came out!

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