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A Holiday Poem from ACIS

December 20, 2021 Susan Wiadro 2 Comments
Happy Holidays from ACIS

Everyone at ACIS wishes you a happy holiday season and wonderful new year filled with joy, family, friends and travel! To help get you into a holly and jolly spirit, may we offer you ACIS’ take on Clement Clarke Moore’s famous holiday poem.

‘Twas the holiday season, and all through the world, not a creature was stirring, not saying a word. Holiday Global Conferences were planned with great care, in hopes that our wonderful group leaders would soon travel there.

The operations team fretted and planned, they locked in excursions, booking buses and vans. They worked all their magic behind the scenes, to get timed entrances, and help fulfill dreams.

The sales team let out a cheer of excitement, travel had started again, it fell in alignment. Two years of travel stopped because of a pandemic, now hoping that travel is the only epidemic.

Travel may look a little different now, but the same quality trips you know, and love are happening, we vow. Get your own bus is easier than ever, and we can help you recruit passengers, it’s our pleasure. Our protection plans keep you safe and give peace of mind, a more comprehensive plan, you’d be hard-pressed to find.

Group leaders and passengers all snug in their beds, with dreams of where they’ll go next, filling their heads. Suitcases packed with the utmost of care, and passports ready for the colorful stamps to go there.

When picking a trip it’s hard to decide, do you travel to a favorite, or give a new destination a ride? Take a look at our trip search, or talk with our team, picking just one can be harder than it seems. 

Maybe to Germany or France you will go, or closer to home, viajar a Mexico. A gelato a day, is the traveler’s way, when you vivi il bello during your Italian stay. Welcome to Iceland, the land of fire and ice, your trip will be filled with magical sights. 

To Ireland, where history is hidden in every glen, and it is easy to believe that’s where the fey play. Or on to jolly old England, with famous kings and queens, is where you might stay. Travel to both, and add Scotland or France… with multicity trips, your passengers will have a blast.

In Bavaria see story-book castles high in sky, or over to Belgium, home of waffles and fries. Explore civilization’s cradle in Italy and Greece.  A living history class where the wonders never cease! To the Galapagos and Costa Rica is where the animal lovers go. Or explore Machu Picchu, ‘the Lost City of the Incas’ when you visit Cuzco.

Don’t forget our service learning and leadership tours. All across the world, and perfect for future entrepreneurs! Or check out some of our signature trips, all planned by tour managers with all of their travel tips! 

This is only a taste of where you can go, so give us a call and your perfect trip, you’ll know! We guide you through every step of the way, and before you know it you’ll be planning your next ACIS foray!  

So maybe you’re traveling in twenty two two, or planning a trip in twenty two three, travel with confidence—it’s our guarantee! Travel is moving, travel feels new, you can be traveling with ACIS too. So for now as you dream, and exclaim lets go plan, a trip to your favorite places and lands, we’ll help you and make you feel safe and alright.

Happy holidays to all, and to all a good flight!

Susan Wiadro

Susan Wiadro

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