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Group Leader Spotlight: Global Conference Winner Emma

May 25, 2023 Sarah Bichsel No Comments

This Spring, ACIS ran a one-of-a-kind sweepstakes opportunity for Group Leaders: Pick up the phone and get a quote for an educational tour by April 1, and you would be entered to win two spots on the ACIS Global Conference of your choice.

Meet your ACIS Global Conference sweepstakes winner Emma, who will be heading to the Galápagos Islands this summer!

Tell us about yourself! What do you teach and where are you traveling with your group?

I teach Spanish to grades 9-12 in Cobb County, Georgia.  I have been teaching for 15 years and previously taught French and Spanish in the UK.  I am originally from Northern Ireland but studied languages at college and lived in Barcelona for a year.  I am planning a trip to Panama in April 2024 and we can’t wait!

I love traveling, swimming, reading and spending time with my two boys, Dylan and Andrew.  

Have you traveled with ACIS before? 

I have never traveled with ACIS before but my colleague has taken trips with you before and speaks highly about you.

What are you most excited to experience in The Galápagos?

Although I teach Spanish, I have never been to South America before and I have always wanted to go to Ecuador as I have a friend who lived there and loved it.  I know that going to the Galápagos is something I would not normally be able to do, so this is an amazing opportunity.

What are your expectations for the Global Conference?

I can’t wait to meet new people, hear more about ACIS and see how the tours are organized and how you manage to fit so many fun things into a day!

Who are you bringing with you?

I am bringing my good friend Veronica with me.  We used to work together and she is one of the most inspiring and the strongest people I know.  She is so much fun and I know we are going to have a great time!

While the contest might have ended for this year, there is still plenty of opportunity to give us a call and get a quote for your next educational travel experience!

Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

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