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Graduation Gifts Ideas to Inspire Travel

May 19, 2021 ACIS Blog No Comments
Graduation Gifts to Inspire Travel

High School French Teacher, ACIS Group Leader and Academic Travel Advisor, Beth Marshall, shares her ideas on great travel gifts for her graduating students.

Preparing for the journey of going from one country to another, or traveling from one personal milestone to a new start are some of life’s most exciting moments. As a teacher to 30 or so seniors who will be graduating this week and as a parent to a senior who is also graduating, this year is particularly bittersweet. I am extremely excited for their futures that lie ahead, but sad that I will no longer be a daily part of their lives.  This past month, I reflected a lot on meaningful gifts to give my students and to my daughter for their graduation to celebrate this milestone but also to encourage them to see the world as they grow into adults.  Even though many of us will not be traveling globally right now, I love the idea of giving gifts to encourage them to travel internationally throughout their lives. Here are some travel gift ideas for future world travelers for all you parents and teachers out there!

#1: A Personalized Luggage Tag

A few years ago I started making luggage tags with a travel quote (in French for my language students) on them and then laminating them, giving them to my students. This could be used to mark backpacks, carry-on bags or even bags when using to move into dorm rooms.

#2: A Globe Beach Ball

I love to give my students a fun beach ball to encourage them “the world is in your hands.” Some years, we have passed the plastic balls around and had their classmates sign them.

#3: An ACIS Calendar

This year I took the French Language Calendar that I downloaded from ACIS and printed it out for my French students to hang in their college dorms next year. And to all you Spanish teachers, I know there is a Spanish Language Calendar as well.

#4: Books

I love giving my top student in French a book to enjoy – sometimes a cookbook, sometimes a travel guide, or sometimes a fictional story about travel. I love being able to be a part of a young graduate’s library! I have given both my children who graduated a copy of Dr. Seuss’ Oh, the Places You Will Go that has been signed by former teachers. It is a lovely keepsake for their entire lives!

#5: Luggage

This year, I will be buying my daughter a sturdy carry-on suitcase for her trips home as she will be moving to NYC for college this year. (sniff, sniff) My hope is that this luggage has a long and productive life seeing the world during college and beyond!

What are your go-to travel gift ideas for graduates in your life?

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