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ACIS Tour Manager Reviews are In

June 18, 2014 Susan Wiadro No Comments
I’ve been working for ACIS for a while now, but can still think back to my first weeks here when I was discovering what makes ACIS special. There’s a lot, to be sure, but one piece that kept being talked about in a way so full of enthusiasm it’s usually reserved for the latest boy band, trendy restaurant or iPhone, were our tour managers.

ACIS Tour Managers are the overseas guides that are equal parts educator, logistical magician and friend. I soon learned that teacher evaluations backed up this admiration with consistently stellar marks. Here’s how the evaluations look so far for 2014 travel:

  • 98% rated our tour managers overall ability good or excellent
  • 96% rated the tour managers educational content good or excellent
  • 98% rated the tour managers friendliness good or excellent
  • 100% rated the tour managers professionalism good or excellent
  • 96% rated the tour managers responsiveness to group needs good or excellent

But stats like that just don’t do them justice.

As time has gone on I’ve had the privilege of meeting many of our tour managers and, just like the Eiffel Tower, they live up to the hype. They really are charming, brilliant, travel gurus!

Here’s what ten recent travelers had to say about their tour managers:

  1. “Our tour guide Angelique was the best tour guide ever. She was amazing!!!!!” – Ryan Cox
  2. “Our tour guide Libby was amazing. She took care of everything we need even before we knew we needed it.” – Bonnie Salmon
  3. “Our tour guide was phenomenal he went above and beyond my expectations. His knowledge of the area and the history behind it was most impressive.” – Matthew Long
  4. “Our guide Tim was superb.  We always felt that he had our best interests at heart.”  – Richard Bahner
  5. “Dominic was an excellent Tour Manager; extremely knowledgeable and personable.”  – Maureen Jones
  6. “Our tour guide seriously made the trip even more worthwhile. She taught us so much and she definitely helped to make the trip more fun and worth every penny.” – Laura Bastian
  7. “We had a great trip.  Our Turkey tour guide was fantastic!  We learned so much from her and she made every day so much fun!” – Kathleen Olson
  8. “Our tour guide was awesome. She was really fun to be around and was very helpful when we would go through the metro and everywhere else we went. If i went on another trip I would definitely want her to be my tour guide again.” – Ida Basilio
  9. “My tour guide was fantastic! She taught us a lot about the culture and history of France and she was very nice and funny.” – Cara Folkert
  10. “Stan our Tour Manager was the BEST!!!!  He provided so much more than was necessary and went above and beyond.  His patience and dedication is AMAZING!!” – Pamela O’Brien

ACIS Tour Managers really are the superheroes of educational travel.

Susan Wiadro

Susan Wiadro

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