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ACIS Staff Spotlight: Meet Bridget

August 16, 2023 Sarah Bichsel 1 Comment

ACIS team member Bridget works with new educators experiencing ACIS for the first time. Get to know her and learn how we build teacher travel partnerships!

Curious About Planning an ACIS Tour?

1. Tell us about yourself! What’s your role at ACIS?

My role at ACIS is an International Program Coordinator, primarily working with first time ACIS teachers. I live in Rhode Island with 2 French Bulldogs and my fiancé, Mat. In my free time, I am an avid runner, yogi and enjoy going to the beach!

Bridget on the Beach with her fiancee and two bulldogs

2. What kind of impact has travel had on you personally?

My first trip abroad was in high school on a Spain trip and it changed the trajectory of my life! It not only led me to return to Spain multiple times but even to study abroad in college and eventually live in the Canary Islands for a year teaching English!

3. How do you work with teachers to help ensure they have the best trip possible?

I work with teachers by first learning about their goals and their ‘why’; Why they want to travel with students and what they want the students to get out of it. Once I understand what is important to them, we create a trip that best meets their needs and create a true travel partnership.

ACIS staff member Bridget in Barcelona

4. What’s a planning tip you always give to teachers when building a travel partnership?

A planning tip I always give to teachers is to try and not cram too much in! Sometimes the more cities your trip goes to may feel like just crossing things off a list rather than getting a real feel for each destination.

5. Any other travel trips for group leaders looking?

Try and encourage the students to ‘unplug’ and put their phone on airplane mode during the day so they can be in the moment and engaged in what they are seeing rather than being so worried about documenting it all for social media!

Connect with an ACIS Staff member and start planning your ACIS Educational Tour today!

Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

One thought on “ACIS Staff Spotlight: Meet Bridget

  1. Great planning tip–allow time for the trip to develop spontaneously. Often, those are the most memorable moments.

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