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A 2012 Educational Travel Recap {in Pictures}

January 3, 2013 Erin Stern No Comments

been in contact with one of our tour consultants, you’ll know their love of foreign cultures, languages and for wandering the world extends far beyond the ACIS office walls. Their enthusiasm and passion for sharing educational travel to the masses is downright infectious.

Slipping in and out of conversations in the hallways about various travel plans is a daily occurrence here in our Boston headquarters. And these conversations reach its apex in January for two reasons:

Reason # 1 – January kicks off our 2013 Global Conference trips. This month, our staff will meet and greet teachers in nine different destinations around the world for a weekend of laughter, celebration, and sightseeing. (Also, it’s our way of thanking teachers for traveling with us this year.)

Reason # 2 – Vacation days. Remember those? They’re awesome and they get renewed on January 1st, which means lots of travel talk. Lots of travel plans.

Personally, I’m excited to see where 2013 will bring my coworkers, friends and peers. Their adventures not only give them a deeper sense of the world we live in, but the knowledge they accrue helps them do their jobs better. I’ve seen it firsthand. To give you a taste of which destinations were visited by our globe trotting staff last year, here’s a photo recap of the year that was 2012:

Devin (Tour Consultant) in Amsterdam


010313_blog_featured 010313_blog1


Laura (VP of Sales) in Barcelona

0103_blog2 010313_blog2


Chad (Tour Consultant) in Ireland




Cara (Tour Consultant) in Panama

010313_blog5 010313_blog7


Jessica (Tour Consultant) in Paris

010313_blog8 010313_blog9


…and Heidi (Regional Director) and Andre (Tour Consultant), also in Paris

010313_blog10 010313_blog11


Tom (Regional Director) in Riga

010313_blog12 010313_blog13


Jill (Tour Consultant) in Rome

010313_blog14 010313_blog15


Deborah (from our Madrid office) in Lisbon

010313_blog16 010313_blog17


Where will your first trip in 2013 take you? Somewhere familiar or a new destination? Wherever your adventures take you this year (near or far), we hope your year is filled with new experiences, good company and lots of laughter.

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