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7 Reasons Why Teachers Should Travel on a Global Conference

March 21, 2014 Erin Stern No Comments
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When I landed in Prague on a chilly winter evening, the beauty of this remarkable city was almost too much to process under a happy fog of jetlag. There was a bitter cold in the air and yet the streets were lively with pedestrians, some strolling hand-in-hand and others on their way home from a day’s work. Trolley cars snaked their way around buildings. Buildings so ornate and each telling its own unique story of a country who had so gracefully bounced back from a hardened history. I wondered if I hadn’t landed in a movie studio instead of a living, breathing city.

Than the universe gave me a nod and a winkand as if on cuea light snow fell from a gray sky as I made my way across The Charles Bridge. I thought to myself, this is it. This is what this Global Conference weekend is all about.

But that was only half true.

The next day our guests, our travel-loving teachers, arrived. I observed the way our teachers interacted with one another. The topic of conversation during meals and daily excursions or simple meet-ups in our hotel’s lobby was almost always, student travel. Global learning was the lead star of this trip, second only to its supporting crew, the scenery.

I could tell these teachers were the kind of educators who were shining examples of why so many students around the country signed up for educational tours. It was this trip that made me realize the true benefit of a Global Conference opportunity. If you’re a teacher contemplating a tour, here are seven more reasons why you should take advantage of these free weekends abroad:

  1. Exchange ideas about using your travel experiences to enhance classroom learning
  2. Discover potential destinations for future student trips
  3. Chat with ACIS staff, tour managers and other teachers about new ways you can integrate your curriculum and teaching goals into your upcoming educational tours
  4. Re-acquaint yourself with a city you haven’t explored in a while
  5. Gain fresh perspectives from other educators who share your commitment to global learning
  6. Discuss your upcoming trip plans, worries or goals with experienced group leaders
  7. Exercise your sense of adventure for exotic locations

Global Conferences are held throughout the year and with a teacher’s vacation schedule in mind. To qualify for a free weekend abroad, teachers must have a certain number of participants registered for a future student trip. To see if you qualify for a trip this summer, fall or next winter, visit our Global Conference qualifications page.

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