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25 Interesting Facts About Spanish Culture

October 10, 2017 Guest Blogger 4 Comments

This guest post and infographic was contributed by Natalie Hagen from

From the architecture to the food to the music, Spain is an amazing country. Each city has its own distinct culture and personality which makes it a very exciting place to visit, and visit they do! In 2013 Spain was the world’s third most popular tourist destination.

Most people are familiar with paella and flamenco, but did you know that Madrid is the physical center of the country? Also, the beret was invented by the Basques in Northeast Spain despite being associated with the French. You also have plenty of sun and swim options since Spain has more than 8,000 beaches. Whether you’re learning Spanish, visiting the country, or just enjoy random facts, check out the infographic from TakeLessons below to learn more about this very special country.



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