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10 Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Next ACIS Trip to France

September 19, 2023 Lauren Chiasson 4 Comments

Social media has evolved from a way to communicate with friends to a launch pad for your next travel adventure. Instagram influencers share their recommendations for every country imaginable, and with France listed as the World Population Review’s most traveled to country for 2023, one might say they are getting the job done! The following influencers are a great place to start in gaining inspiration, travel tips, and recommendations for your next ACIS trip to France.

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For those days when wanderlust comes calling, and you need visual inspiration, check out Hello France. The feed is filled with travel photos from all across the country and will introduce you to landmarks beyond the Eiffel Tower.

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From Day in the Life perspectives to summer event schedules, My Little Paris provides a rich window into Parisian living. The account text is mostly written in French, which is a bonus feature for practicing language skills.

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If you’re planning a trip to France, you should probably brush up on your French! Cécilia was born and raised in Paris before moving to the US fifteen years ago to study linguistics and to teach French. Today, Cécilia uses her platform to share informational content to French learners in easily digestible short videos. Many of her videos show phrases, words, and sounds you can use to “sound more French.”

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Many ACIS France itineraries offer routes through the Loire Valley filled with stunning chateaus and lush landscapes. Transport yourself to the Loire on the daily with a visit to the My Loire Valley page, where you will find regional travel tips, inspiration, and history lessons.

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Endless home inspiration awaits on the Viviet Margot feed. Charlotte Reiss moved her family from London to France years ago and shares her picturesque countryside estate with her followers. In 2022, she purchased a new home in Provence and has been documenting the renovation process. Her home décor style is French traditional, and the collected yet polished look will surely make you want to buy a farm in the French Countryside.

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Charlotte Reiss (@vivietmargot) • Instagram photos and videos


Ever been scrolling Instagram to find a dreamy bed against a balcony overlooking the streets of Paris? This photo was originally taken by Fanny during the pandemic and blew up across social media. Fanny continues to share photos of her stunning apartment, fashion, and of her café in Paris, Passager.

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Isabelle creates fun Reels from the perspective of an American who has been living in France for the last five years. She has raised her daughter there and shares about Parisian life for both children and adults. Isabelle’s short videos and vlog-style content show glimpses into the life of an American mom in Paris. Regardless of whether or not you are a parent, it is so interesting to see how differently French children are raised.

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From Paris safety tips to general guidance, Amanda supplies American tourists (and hopeful French expats) great tips for navigating life in Paris. From the “ball under the cup” game to pickpockets, Amanda shares tips on how to stay safe in Paris. As an American seeking French citizenship and permanent residency, Amanda also offers guidance on French laws governing immigration and things to keep in mind if you are thinking about beginning the process. She also gives updates on current events in Paris, most notably including «les grèves», or protests in English.

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Deciding what to pack on your trip to France? Let Jeanne Damas provide inspiration. She has been referred to as “the quintessential French girl in part because of her elegant fashion. Jeanne has used her platform to develop her own fashion brand Rouje which perfectly reflects her Parisian style.

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BONUS: @cambridgewines

France is undoubtedly synonymous with fabulous wines. The Cambridge Wines account is full of educational videos that can entertain anyone from the most novice wine drinker to a knowledgeable sommelier. They give general wine tips as well as recommendations at different price points. The channel’s personalities are so knowledgeable about their offerings that you’ll find yourself wanting to try something new. You may even impress your travel companions with your newfound expertise.

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Lauren Chiasson

4 thoughts on “10 Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Next ACIS Trip to France

  1. Wow, certainly going to start following a few of these accounts. I’m especially drawn to the apartment-themed one, and the countryside account is simply breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing, Lauren! 😊

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