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VIDEO: Who You Can Count On – Meet the Team at ACIS

October 23, 2015 Marc Amigone No Comments

At ACIS we’re passionate about making your trip an experience you’ll never forget. Our committed staff works hard to get every detail right, and provide the support you need at every step. We love to travel ourselves, and we want you to experience all the adventure, fun and learning every ACIS trip delivers.

Our team cares about the little things because we want to make every moment special. From start to finish you can feel 100% confident you’re working with a world-class team to ensure you and your students are getting a world-class educational travel experience. Whether it’s your international program consultant who helps you plan and organize your trip, our operations department who attend to all the details that make sure your trip goes off without a hitch, our flights department who book flights up to 365 days in advance to get the best possible prices for your flights, or our client services department who attend to the needs of participants and parents answering questions and solving problems as they arise.

The value of working with an exceptional organization like ACIS is found in the quality of our product. That quality wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the people that make ACIS the company that it is. We created this video as a means to introduce you to those people. We want you to have confidence in knowing who we are and that we’re passionate about providing the best possible travel experience all because we truly believe travel changes lives.

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5 Steps to Planning an Educational Tour

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