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Tag: ACIS President Peter Jones posts

Tag: ACIS President Peter Jones posts

Peter Jones on The Tune of Travel

With the passing of Burt Bacharach yesterday (Iconic composer behind hits such as "What the World Needs Now", "Walk On By", "I'll Never Love Again"),...
February 10, 2023 Peter Jones

Travel to Egypt

The last time I traveled to Egypt was with the kids. It’s a bucket list thing. Pyramids, Mummies, and the Sphinx. I recall vividly those...
November 4, 2022 Peter Jones

Gladiators, 12 Yards, Heartbreak Hotel

So, the English made it all the way to the final of the Euro championships and then...heartbreak...again. How strange sports combat is. Almost unwatchable at...
July 19, 2021 Peter Jones

Vaccinated…Get Ready to Travel?!

Pandemic month 13 is about to end as we watch the vaccines rapidly roll out in many countries across the world. We are now close...
April 30, 2021 Peter Jones

In Honor of Veterans Day

As we reflect on this strange and tumultuous year, it's worth noting that this beautiful poem by John McCrae still resonates and is forever etched...
November 11, 2020 Peter Jones

A French Lesson in Italy

My niece lives in Rome and has been there since 2001.  Due to Covid-19, she has been locked down since the end of February and...
May 22, 2020 Peter Jones

And I Found Myself in Venice

Today my thoughts took me back to Venice. I had never been to Venice during Carnevale di Venezia, but earlier this year, before the days...
April 21, 2020 Peter Jones
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