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Choose Peace of Mind with ACIS

November 30, 2015 Allison Read No Comments

Things just keep getting better and better! For the most updated information on this topic, check out our newer post found here. 


Safety is always paramount above all else on any ACIS tour. You, your travelers and their parents should feel at ease, knowing you’re in good hands with ACIS. We’ve been taking teachers and students abroad since 1978. Over the years, we’ve assembled a world-class team that’s ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice to deal with any unforeseen circumstances. We take pride in the quality of our tours and the attention to detail we pay, so that you can feel 100% confident traveling with us.

Here are some facts about traveling with ACIS that exemplify just how trustworthy we are:

Financial Security and Liability Coverage

  • Participants’ payments are protected by a $1 million indemnity bond with the United States Tour Operators Association.
  • ACIS is the educational travel division of AIFS, Inc. the American Institute For Foreign Study. Founded in 1964, AIFS is the leading worldwide sponsor of educational programs for more than 50,000 students a year. With more than $190 million in annual revenue and worldwide assets exceeding $180 million, AIFS is one of the most financially secure companies in educational travel.
  • We hold a $51 million general liability insurance policy covering school districts and teachers.

Protection Insurance Plan Options

  • Traveling with ACIS means that participants are automatically covered by our Basic Protection Insurance Plan.
  • Participants have the option to upgrade to the Comprehensive or Ultimate plans to best suit their needs (the Ultimate plan is unavailable for groups traveling in the US and Canada).
  • Job loss protection – Since 1994, ACIS has offered a generous refund in the event that an adult participant or either parent/legal guardian of a student participant is laid-off.

24/7 Support

  • 24/7 Emergency Phone – Our 24-hour Duty Officer system operates seven days a week in the United States and overseas to deal with any emergency quickly and professionally.
  • Full-time tour manager from the moment you land until departure day – Top-quality ACIS Tour Managers work in tandem with group leaders throughout each trip. They discuss security measures during each group’s arrival briefing and carry cellular phones to access ACIS’ 24-hour Duty Officer system.
  • Network of Overseas Offices – ACIS offices in London, Paris, Madrid, and Rome and our affiliate partner offices in other major destination cities ensure that there is on-the-ground support.
  • All travel service providers used on ACIS programs have been carefully vetted by us, have their own insurance coverage and are regularly evaluated to make sure our standards of excellence are maintained.

ACIS is always there behind the scenes; we become visible when you need us. In the unlikely event that something doesn’t go as planned during your travels, everyone is in the loop and committed to fixing it fast.

We take our culture of care seriously. You take on a responsibility to your students, their parents and the community when you organize a trip abroad. With ACIS you can feel confident that we take your well-being just as seriously as you do. With ACIS, you can trust you’ll be in good hands throughout the entire process of planning and traveling.

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