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Author: Jeff Hild posts

Author: Jeff Hild posts

Returning to Peru in 2023

Peru had long been near the top of my list of travel destinations because of its amazing history, incredible landscapes and warm-hearted people.  Late last...
August 8, 2023 Jeff Hild

What’d I Miss? (ACIS Policies Edition)

New travel policies and procedures are a regular occurrence these days.  Given the volume of other information that teachers are processing right now (Are we...
March 8, 2021 Jeff Hild

Introducing – Zero Down at Registration!

Most everyone is eager to dream of traveling again, but people also want to protect their investment in these uncertain times for travel.  ACIS’ new...
February 18, 2021 Jeff Hild

Where to go on a School Trip to France ?

Where to go on a school trip to France? You're a French teacher who would never consider traveling anywhere else. Or maybe you're a Math...
September 13, 2021 Jeff Hild
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