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6 Ways the ACIS App Makes Your Trip That Much Better

June 12, 2018 Sarah Bichsel No Comments

You’ve got your passport, sunscreen, a change of socks, and that moneybelt mom made you buy. What more do you need for your adventure abroad?

If you’re heading on an ACIS trip, we recommend downloading our free app. Here are six cool features that will make your trip even easier and more immersive.

1. See your trip details – and share them with your parents

You don’t have to go abroad and leave mom and dad pacing the floor wondering where you are!* The app not only shows you what hotels you’re staying in, your daily itineraries, and your flight details all in one place, but also provides the opportunity to share them at any time via email or text. See where you’ll be staying and take the opportunity to read up on the different cultural sites you’ll be encountering.

*They will probably do this regardless. At least with your shared info they can look you up on Google maps!

2. Maps you can actually access

Exploring a city without a map can be a worthwhile adventure, no question! Then there are the times when you have a 2 pm London Eye reservation and realize you have no idea how far you are from the attraction. With the ACIS travel app, you don’t have to worry about spending an enormous amount of money or data to find your way.

Simply download the app before you leave, and all of the maps will function overseas without ANY WiFi required.

3. Sightseeing 3.0

Every trip includes some level of free time, the amount of which varies based on your tour package. While your Tour Manager will be your primary go-to for great sightseeing and local attractions, additional information is at your fingertips with the GUIDE section of the app. Find out how far famous monuments are from your current location, explore shops and restaurants, and read more area history.

You can keep track of what you’ve already been to by marking the “Visited” button (Roman marble can start to blend together after awhile).

4. Keep track of all your fun facts

You’re on the tour in Paris, and when your guide reveals it takes 1,655 steps to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower, you know you’ll want to remember that fun fact for sharing back home. Pull out the ACIS app and you can record all of your notes in the journal section and upload trip photos in one central location.

5. Currency converter and practical needs

If you’re planning to be internet free most of your trip, Google won’t be there to tell you how many British pounds are in a US dollar. Not to worry: your app comes with a currency converter and knows what exchange rates you’ll need based on your itinerary. It’s great for all of your budgeting and souvenir buying needs. The section with the currency converter also contains weather updates and nearby bank, hospital, and public transit locations.

6. Most importantly, a section devoted to cake 

Do you need to know where the closest bakery or coffee shop is at any given moment? The app answers all of your pastry prayers with a filter that shows you where the treats are in your area.

Want to learn more about the app, including info on how to download? Click here!

Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

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