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20 Products to Sell For Your Next Fundraiser

October 7, 2016 Marc Amigone No Comments

Every educational travel program could always benefit from fundraising. Traveling internationally can be an expensive proposition, and reducing the burden on families by raising money goes a very long way. Most people think of the traditional methods of fundraising like car washes and bake sales, but ecommerce technology has opened up the door to a myriad of possibilities when it comes to raising money.

Selling popular items that members of your community need or were planning to buy anyway can be a great way to raise money for your travel program. Whether its candles, cell phone chargers or mattresses, there are hundreds of products to choose as gifts or for personal use. Various companies have developed online storefronts in order to position themselves as fundraising tools for programs and charities.

We’ve listed 20 different products below that equip fundraisers with the ability to sell products online in an effort to raise money for your travel program:


Everybody needs things to outfit their houses. If they’re going to buy them at some point, why not have them contribute to your fundraiser?

• Mattresses
Bedding Sets
Simply Sheets
Rada Cutlery
That’s My Pan
Mixed Bag Designs


Candles are a fantastic gift item and can find a place in pretty much any home setting. Given their wide appeal, they can be a great option for fundraising.

Yankee Candle
ABC Fundraising Candles
Abby Candles
Kringle Candle
Our Own Candle Company


Certain companies offer a wide variety of options in the same ecommerce store. Here are two to help you move the fundraising needle.

Genevieve’s Gifts
Charleston Wrap


Selling branded apparel not only raises funds for your cause, but also markets and promotes it. Try a “T-Shirt Crowdfunding Campaign.” It’s an unusual, yet brilliant, fundraising idea!

Prep Sports Wear
Marching Apparel
All Team Apparel
Bonfire Funds

Have you had any success in fundraising selling products? Let us know in the comments section below!

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