Fundraising Ideas

Raising funds for your ACIS trip has never been easier! Start with creating an ACIS personal fundraising page. Your page is simple to set up and allows you to ask family and friends for contributions directly to your trip balance. Plus, there are a myriad of more traditional ways to raise money towards your trip as an individual or as a group effort—check out our suggestions below for inspiration.

Personal Fundraising

There’s no better gift to receive than a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience, and ACIS makes this easy! Just set up and share the link to your customized personal fundraising page, where friends, family and community members can make contributions directly to your trip balance.

To get started, log in to your online My Account and look for the My Fundraising link.

Screenshot of MyAccount fundraising link

This brings you to your personal fundraising dashboard, where you can customize your page. Set a fundraising goal, upload a picture of yourself and include a personal statement about why the trip is important to you.

Once you’ve saved your changes, you’ll end up with an inspiring, shareable fundraising page like this one. Copy your unique URL, and share it with family and friends via email or social media. Convey your enthusiasm, and encourage them to invest in this exciting opportunity you have. Any gift, big or small, brings you that much closer to your destination!

You can revisit your personal fundraising page at anytime to see who has contributed and how close you are to your goal.

Screenshot of the fundraising page

Traditional Fundraising


Through the EcoPhones Recycling Fundraiser, you can turn used working or non-working electronics such as cellphones, laptops, inkjet cartridges and more into money for your trip.

Bake Sale

This is a good tried-and-true one to collaborate on with your fellow travelers. Ask your local grocer, craft fair coordinator or sports coach if you can set up a bake sale table at their store or event.

Create A Recipe Book

Collect 50-100 favorite recipes on 8.5×11 paper (perhaps theme the recipes to the destination where you’ll be traveling). Add a cover page and table of contents, make five copies to produce five demonstration books and take orders. Then make as many copies as you need to fill the orders.

Raffle Something Cool

Ask family or friends if they would donate something homemade (artwork, quilts, knitted items, pottery, woodwork, fancy baked goods) or offer your yard, house or childcare services. Advertise the raffle, the drawing date and your ACIS travel plans, and sell tickets at school or at local fairs and events.

Car Wash

Another classic one to collaborate on as a group. Ask a church leader, school principal or store owner if you can use a small section of their parking lot and a water faucet for a fundraising car wash, and make sure to advertise it well.

Parents Night Out

Invite parents to drop off younger kids at your school for the evening and charge a fee per child. You and your group can organize games, movies and snacks to entertain the kids while their parents enjoy an night out.

Hold a Marathon Event

Commit to walk around a track, play soccer or chess, sing, dance, jump on a trampoline or some other activity and collect pledges by hours or miles completed.

Dinner and a Movie

Host a dinner and a movie at your school and charge for tickets or ask for donations. You could choose a movie to match your travel destination and perhaps even bake and sell treats that go along with that theme.

Mardi Gras Masked Ball

Host a Mardi Gras themed ball at your school’s gym or auditorium. Sell tickets and provide snacks and refreshments for an extra charge.