Tips for Choosing Assistant Group Leaders

  • Your assistant(s) help you set the tone for the trip. Find someone who can generate excitement before and during your tour, who will put a positive spin on any situation that arises, who’s flexible, respected by your participants and who will approach situations with a sense of humor.
  • Your assistant(s) could be someone who is actively involved in student life—these teachers tend to know a lot of students from all different classes and extracurriculars, which provides great opportunities for growing your group.
  • Your assistant(s) should be someone who will help you recruit—your chaperone will be your right-hand person when it comes to growing your group and keeping everyone excited and organized predeparture.
  • Your assistant(s) should be someone who is organized—planning a trip is a lot of fun but also takes a lot of organization. Having someone in your corner to help you stay on top of everything can make a big difference.
  • Your assistant(s) should be ready to assume group leader responsibilities in the rare event that you are temporarily unable to lead the group. Make sure you think about someone who would be up to the task, who’s committed to the group and who’s always ready to lend a helping hand.
  • Your assistant(s) could be a Department Chair, Principal, School Board Member or other Administrator—Boost your chances of creating a lasting, annual travel program by allowing one or more of these key decision makers to share in the first-hand experience.

Register your Assistant Group Leader(s)

Once you’ve chosen the assistant(s) for your trip, make sure they are signed up. Around four months prior to departure, ACIS will release any unused flight and hotel space for your trip, and we want to be sure to account for them. You can direct them to to sign up.