In Case of Emergency

Unforeseen circumstances can arise on even the best-planned of trips. Have no fear—see the many ways in which you can mitigate these situations and how ACIS is there to support you every step of the way.

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At ACIS, we take the welfare of each and every participant on our tours very seriously. Just as we work tirelessly to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences to group leaders and students, we are equally committed to ensuring that all of our travelers return home safely. Our safety and support infrastructure has been a cornerstone of our business for more than 40 years.

And we know that in travel, sometimes the unexpected happens. We’ve seen it all and will work with you to get through any emergency quickly and appropriately. From missed flights and lost passports to illness and train strikes—once we hear the problem, we will find the solution.



Emergency Contact Numbers

In case of emergency, your tour manager is your first line of defense. Should an emergency arise, our tour managers are trained to respond and have immediate access to our network of offices for further assistance.

If you run into problems prior to meeting your tour manager, or if your tour manager is unavailable for any reason, please call the appropriate ACIS emergency number:

In the USA Office hours +1 800 888 2247
After hours +1 617 450 5678 (collect)
In all European countries Office hours +44 20 7590 7474
After hours +44 7808 524 456
In all other non-European countries Office hours +1 617 236 2051
After hours +1 617 450 5678 (collect)
Note: ACIS office hours are from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. local time.

Team Assist

Our round-the-clock, 365-day travel assistance provider

Within the USA 877 714 8179
From outside the USA 603 952 2660 (collect)
Identify yourself as an ACIS participant and provide the the participant’s name and date of birth.

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In Case of Medical Illness or Injury

If you or a participant becomes ill or injured, inform your tour manager right away. He or she will help you contact Team Assist and arrange necessary medical help. If you are not with your tour manager, contact Team Assist, and they will advise you on how to find a physician or emergency care. ACIS’ emergency support team is also available to help with any situation.

In unusual cases involving a medical emergency, after discussing the matter with your tour manager, you may have to stay behind with a participant. Your assistant group leader or another adult should take over supervision of the group. Under no circumstances should a minor be left without adult supervision.

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In Case of Flight-Related Issues

Delays or Cancellations

Outbound flight. If your outbound flight is canceled or delayed for more than an hour, call ACIS at (800) 888-2247 during U.S. business hours and (617) 450-5678 (collect) after U.S. business hours. Make sure to keep your group together in case another connection or flight is arranged.

  • If your flight is delayed, be sure to coordinate with airline staff to get your flight rebooked. Typically, only airport staff has the ability to amend reservations so close to the flight departure time.
  • Do not leave the airport until you have been rebooked on the next available flight.
  • Once you have been rebooked, please contact ACIS so we can rebook your transfer and notify your tour manager about your new arrival time.

Return flight. If your return flight is delayed and causes you to miss your connecting flight home, ask the international airline to rebook your connecting flight. You will normally be rebooked on the next available flight.

  • Please advise ACIS at (617) 450-5678 if you need us to activate your Emergency Contact List.
  • If the cause of the delay or cancellation is due to mechanical reasons, a strike or a problem with the flight crew and you must stay overnight en route, the airline should pay for your hotel and meal(s).
  • If the cause of the delay or cancellation is due to weather, contact ACIS and we will help secure accommodations, the expenses of which are covered under certain conditions of the Basic Protection Plan.

Transferring overseas. If your onward flight is delayed or canceled, immediately call the ACIS Emergency Number.

Missed Flights

If your group misses its flight, work with the airline to rebook your group and inform ACIS of the situation. You are the best advocate for your group to be rebooked, since airport agents will work directly with you.

Do not leave the airport until you have been rebooked with confirmed seats (if possible) on the next available flight.

Once you have been rebooked, please call ACIS with your new flight details so that we can alert your tour manager and rearrange your transfer.

Lost Passports

If a participant loses his or her passport, inform your tour manager. If you are not with your tour manager, contact the local U.S. embassy or consulate. If you are unable to do either of these things, contact Team Assist.

Luggage Issues

It is imperative that you report lost or delayed luggage to the airline inside the customs arrival hall so that you can be issued special tracking numbers. The report should be filed with the airline who brought you to your final destination.

If luggage is delayed and there is a wait before going through customs, send an assistant or adult through customs to inform the tour manager of this delay.

In most cases, lost luggage turns up in a day or two. Lost, stolen or delayed luggage is covered under the Ultimate-Plus and Ultimate Protection Plans.

If luggage has been lost or delayed while not in the custody of an airline, inform ACIS or your tour manager, who will assist you in contacting local police. You must fill out a police report detailing all items missing. Participants with Ultimate-Plus or Ultimate Protection may file a claim with the insurance company upon returning home.

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Our Service Guarantee

Ninety-eight percent of ACIS Group Leaders rate their overall experience good to excellent. We’re so confident you’ll agree that we guarantee it! The ACIS Service Guarantee is our written pledge that your entire trip experience—from your first contact with us all the way through to your post-trip review—will be first-rate.


Your complete satisfaction is our goal, so if there is something less-than-perfect about your tour that we can fix, we want to know about it. That’s why included in our Service Guarantee is our Red Card System, which enables you to activate our 24/7 worldwide network to solve any problem.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that if something on tour does fall short of expectations, you can simply hand the Red Card to your tour manager and he or she, along with the ACIS network of overseas local offices and our 24/7 worldwide duty officer system, will jump into action and resolve the problem as soon as possible.



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