ACIS Travel App

Before your trip, you will find great information about your destination including, history, climate and culture, as well as details about the attractions in the cities you will be visiting on the app. You will also discover some great information about restaurants, shopping and entertainment.

Closer to your departure, your app will be updated with tour manager, flights, hotels and finalized itinerary information.

While on your program, you will have the convenience of a 100% offline guide that includes maps and navigation and a personalized trip journal that you can share via email or on your Facebook page with friends and family.

Download the application before you leave home!

You will receive an email with a password for downloading the free app from the Apple or Google Play store around 60 days before departure. Don’t have your password? Here’s how to find it.

Itinerary & Accommodations

View details regarding how you’ll spend your day and where you’ll spend your night.

Itinerary and accommodation screens

Full Location Guide

All the information you want to know about the cities you’ll visit is right at your fingertips!

Travel App points of interest


Location guide screens

Map & GPS

How far is it to the museum? How do we get back to our hotel? The built-in maps and GPS have you covered.

Map and GPS screens in the ACIS travel app

Flight Schedules

Flight times, connections and reservation numbers are conveniently accessible. (Because eventually you’ll need to start thinking about going back home!)

screenshots of the ACIS app's flight info tab

Travel App FAQs


Where do I get my ACIS Travel App?

The ACIS Travel App is available from the App Store for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and Google Play for Android. Each travel guide is free and personalized to your trip. You will receive an email with your login and password around 60 days before departure.

Please note, you must download each overnight city guide on your itinerary while you have an internet connection. Depending on your internet connection speeds, this download can take up to 15 minutes to complete.

When can I download my ACIS Travel App?

For participants traveling in 2024, the ACIS App is available seven days after registration. For participants traveling in 2025 or later, we’ve made adjustments based on user feedback and the ACIS App will be available starting around 60 days before departure.

How many times can I download my personalized app?

You can download the app four times per passenger using the same email login and password. Feel free to pass it along to your family to follow along on the itinerary!

How do I log into the ACIS Travel App?

The Travel App log in is not the same as your MyAccount. The Travel App uses your primary email address as the Log In, and if you don’t know your password just press “Forgot Password”. If you have used the same email address for multiple accounts then you will have one log in for all travelers.

What do I do if I forgot/never received my password?

Once you are within 60 days before your departure, you should go to App Store for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and Google Play for Android. Enter the email that you gave ACIS as your primary email contact and press “forgot password”. The password will be emailed to you.

Are there any roaming charges associated with using my ACIS Travel App?

There are no roaming charges associated with using the travel app. When you have access to a Wi-Fi connection (at your hotel, a cafe or anywhere else that offers a free wireless connection), you can sync any pending updates. This means you will be able to display your updates from your trip journal and share them with other travelers at any time.

Travel Content

Where does the ACIS Travel App get all its travel information?

The ACIS Travel App provides users with the highest quality, most exhaustive content via its partner Falk CIS, a major European travel guide content publisher. Falk publishes Marco Polo travel guides and Falk Maps and is also a publisher for Mairdumont Media, the largest German publishing group.


What types of updates are made?

The app is regularly updated with new information from both our users and our content partners. Examples of content that will be updated include:

  • New Points of Interest: New POIs are both user-generated and added by the our partner’s editorial team.
  • Operation hours/dates, prices, contact information and addresses: ACIS and our partners review each city and Point of Interest regularly to ensure users have the most up-to-date information possible.
  • New reviews and ratings: As contributed by ACIS travelers.

Are updates free?

Yes, daily updates and content are free of charge. Simply tap “Update” in the application on your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Can I suggest modifications?

Yes. You can make updates to any Point of Interest in the application. This includes hours of operation, addresses, pricing, ratings, reviews and pictures. You may also add your own Points of Interest to the app. All modifications are moderated by our partners. User modifications are reviewed daily and updated to the app for sharing once approved.


Does GPS work without an internet connection?

Yes! Once the initial maps are downloaded, all GPS map functions work properly without an internet connection. You can use all maps (as well as all other features) in the app with no access to Wi-Fi needed and no fear of roaming charges.

Can the map locate me and plan my route? Does the map give me directions?

The map geo-localizes you and will plan the simplest route to and from each location. Detailed directions by foot or by subway are available for each route. All of this is done offline, free of charge.


Download the App

You will receive an email with a password for downloading the free app from the Apple or Google Play store around 60 days before departure.