Ideas for Additional Meetings

An important part of growing your group is keeping students engaged and creating a sense of community around your travel crew. A great way to do this is to host additional meetings for your group. These can include fun activities for your travelers, as well as draw in new participants looking for more info! Here are a few ideas for hosting additional meetings:

  1. Highlights Meetings
    Highlights meetings can shine a spotlight on specific parts of your itinerary. Have an “Iconic Attractions” or “Lesser Known Cities” night, where students have a chance to get to know new places on their itinerary and hopefully become excited to see them in real life!
  2. Destination Movie Night
    Take your meeting to the school auditorium and have a fun destination movie night, encouraging your participants to bring their friends who have not yet signed up to join your trip. Check out the ACIS blog for plenty of movie ideas!
  3. Cultural Food or Potluck Nights
    A super fun (and delicious) way to get kids to your meeting could be hosting a cultural food or potluck night as a meeting! Have your students bring a dish from a destination country or maybe even have your meeting at a local restaurant!
  4. Packing Competition Night
    Close to departure, maybe after you’ve received your ACIS backpack and luggage tags, practice packing your bags for fun. Bring your suitcase and some trip essentials, along with some unnecessary items. Who ever packs the fastest and most efficiently gets a prize! This is a fun way to teach new travelers how to pack light and not over do it!
  5. Go for a Walk
    Lace up your sneakers and take your group on a walk or hike. No matter your destination, you are sure to be doing plenty of walking overseas. Might as well start getting in practice steps now. Plus, it’s a time to connect in a relaxed atmosphere and get to know each other.