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HSPVA's Sound of Music Tour

March 14 - 23, 2020


  • Wyatt Bingham
  • 258655
  • HOU
  • 17 days

Announcements & Reminders

  • What about the name for this tour?: We are always planning tours beginning about two years in advance. I had been musing for some time that so many of our students are really in to music, and not just people in the music department. My mind had been on Vienna and Salzburg, and I realized that Munich would be an easy entry point from Houston, and Prague is close. So that was the concept for the tour, and I was discussing it with Ms. Chase and we realized we could include a trip to Dachau concentration camp, the Nuremberg Nazi party rally stadium, the Jewish quarter in Prague. So I said to Ms. Chase, "so yeah, it's essentially a Nazis and music tour." To which Ms. Chase said, "you mean like The Sound of Music?" And there it was, the name for this incredible tour winding through some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the world with a unique, but of course familiar feel to it, Mozart, and waltzes and all of it! So here it is, HSPVA's Sound of Music Tour. This will be a once in a lifetime experience. I hope you will join us. Read More

Announcements & Reminders

Archdukes and Emperors

March 14 - 23, 2020

What's Included

Central Europe

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What You'll Learn

What You'll Learn

  • Students will better understand the horrors of the Holocaust by visiting Dachau Concentration Camp and learning about the rise of the Nazi party.
  • Students will discover the many architectural styles that make up the Hradcany Castle.
  • Students will discover the diversity of nationalities that existed within the Habsburg Empire.

Cities You'll Visit

Munich View

The Charles Bridge

Schönbrunn Gardens

Salzburg City View

Munich Glockenspiel

The Charles Bridge at Sunset

St. Stephen's Cathedral


Munich Marienplatz

Hradcany Castle in Prague

Vienna garden

Salzburg Skyline at Night

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