Travel in 2021 with ACIS!

Always Evolving, Always Improving

Despite already providing the most high-quality educational tours in the industry, we just can’t help ourselves. Call us nerds, but we’re shooting for that A+. We tinker, adjust and evolve with the times to provide tours that change students’ lives, create global citizens and enhance teachers’ careers.

Headsets Included throughout your tour

While overseas, your ACIS Tour Manager and local guides will provide fascinating, informative and often hilarious commentary. To ensure you don’t miss a second of it and to ease on tour communication, we are now providing all groups traveling to Europe* unlimited access to headsets. So go ahead, check out that piece of art that’s catching your eye, you’ll still hear everything your guide has to say.

*Not applicable for small group tours or tours to Iceland, the Azores or Canary Islands.

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New Tours

ACIS is launching six new tours for 2021. We’ve widened our range of destinations, added new immersive activities, and expanded our curricular themes.

London and Paris Theater

London (4) • Paris (3)

As though they’ve leapt from the stage themselves, the dramatic cities of London and Paris provide the perfect backdrop for theater-lovers to enjoy world-class performances, tour famous venues and more.

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Northern Iceland

Reykjavík (2) • Akureyri (3) • Reykjavík (1)

Take in sublimely beautiful natural landscapes and truly unique Icelandic cultural experiences on day trips out of Reykjavík and Akureyri, the chill cultural hub of the north.

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Catholic Highlights in Spain

Toledo (2) • Granada (1) • Seville (2) • Madrid (3)

Enhance your curricular and spiritual goals with this transformative exploration of both secular and Catholic-focused highlights in Spain.

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Catholic Highlights in Italy

Venice (2) • Florence (2) • Sorrento (2) • Rome (2)

Enhance your curricular and spiritual goals with this transformative exploration of both secular and Catholic-focused highlights in Italy.

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Panama's Cultural Crossroads

Panama City (7)

The thriving urban scene of Panama City serves as your hub for exploring the nation’s colonial legacy, lush rainforest, indigenous culture, culinary scene, world-class museums and Panama Canal.

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Discover Taiwan

Taipei (2) • Alishan (1) • Chiayi (1) • Tainan (2) • Kaohsiung (1)

Taiwan’s incredible range of highlights—from thriving cities to stunning natural landscapes to cultural landmarks—are all on display during this nine-day tour.

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Oct 1 Deals

Earn 2.5 times the World Traveler Rewards points for every participant registered on a 2021 tour by October 1, 2020. Additionally, register 20 participants on any overseas tour, and you’ll secure a private tour.

World Traveler Rewards

We're proud to introduce our loyalty program, the most generous in the industry.

Global Conferences, travel scholarships, cash rewards and tour upgrades are some of the ways we say thank you for partnering with ACIS and changing your students’ lives. Simply earn points for each participant in your group and redeem the points for the rewards of your choice.

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Everyday Teacher Benefits

We want you to know how much we appreciate you organizing an ACIS international trip. Here are some of the ways we say thank you!

  1. Teachers Travel Free

    Book an ACIS trip, register six or more students (or just five for first-timers!) and you’ll travel absolutely free. Each additional 6 participants earns you another free spot to bring along assistants.

  2. Training Weekends

    First-time ACIS Group Leaders are invited to be our guest for a training weekend in Barcelona. We want you to feel confident leading your tour, and know once you experience an ACIS program you will.

  3. Large Group Bonus

    Lead a large group, earn a large reward. With groups of 25+ earn bonus World Traveler Reward points that you can use towards Global Conferences, travel scholarships, cash rewards and tour upgrades.

  4. Single Rooms

    Relax in the comfort and privacy of your own room when you lead a group of at least 6 participants.

  5. Graduate Professional Credit

    Lead an ACIS tour and you have the option of earning three graduate-level professional development units. It’s as simple as completing a form.

  6. Referral Bonus

    Tell a friend about ACIS tours, and earn  World Traveler Reward points or up to $1,000. Once your friend or colleague completes a trip with us, we’ll send you your bonus.

  7. Private Tour

    Make any tour a private tour and enjoy the additional convenience and flexibility that it provides. Simply register 20 participants on an international 2021 tour by October 1, 2020 for spring groups, and December 1, 2020 for summer groups.

  8. Ultimate Protection Coverage

    From start to finish, leading a trip with ACIS should be stress-free. That is why ACIS automatically provides group leaders and assistants with Ultimate Protection Plan coverage.

The benefits and discounts on this page apply to our international programs. Trips to the U.S. and Canada have unique rewards.