CDC Vaccination Certificate Upload

Access to hotels, restaurants and museums in France require the presentation of a valid “Vaccine Pass.” US visitors must convert their CDC Vaccination Certificate into the French Vaccine Pass upon arrival in France. ACIS is facilitating and covering the cost of this process for your group, but to do so, we need you to fill out the form below and include a photo of your CDC certificate.

Please note that current French law requires that everyone 18 and over must have completed the primary vaccination series within four (4) months of the last day of your tour.

If your last vaccination dose was prior to these date ranges, you will need to have a booster shot administered to be allowed entry to France and free movement within the country.

Travelers ages 12-17 will be issued a French Health Pass or Vaccine Pass for which they must be fully vaccinated at least seven (7) days before departure with a two shot series (Moderna/Pfizer) or 28 days prior to departure with the one shot series (J&J).